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100% Manufacturing  crafts (made by my hands)

 The prices are for title area codes and can be thus subjected to changes 

This page proposes costumes that I have already realized

however I do not sell originals nor do not lend them! Customizable orders are possible)

 I am also anxious to specify that every ordered costume will be the closest and the most faithful possible just like réference and in the original costume made for my own person.

 Nevertheless, he can exist, differences of forms and colors on accessories and other minor elements such as jewels and stones which compose the costume. 

On the other hand the textile costume will remain identical I can guarantee it to you in the thread near ^^



Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)



I said that I can realize that only one complete costume of zelda at a time, wait until the costume is ordered and delivered over and check this page for more information on the availability Wink


- Not available! YEAR! -



I limit 4 costumes for year.


the white dress:


Size: personal measures


dress 8-sided tapered down. (Up to 9 meters wide!)

amde with soft cotton fabric.


- Price White dress with any embroideries by hand: about $ 330 (without shipping cost)


- Price white dress with just painted designs: about $ 265


white cotton fabric upper, unlined but opaque, closed in the back by buttons or zip




the bodice purple / violet:


Size: 38/40* (Custom option)  *european size measurment)


Price semi embroidered: about $ 85  (without shipping cost)


Price painted designs: about $75


cotton or polyesther fabric, purple / purple, embroidered white / silver. close in the back with staples and invisible zip.




the complete costume includes:


- The white dress hand-embroidered or painted


- The purple blouse (hand embroidered or painted)


- The shoulder and necklace


- The apron tapestry


- Crown/ headdress


- Over-painted or embroidered gloves over a pair of simple white cotton gloves (or not as per your request).


- Hair accessories (barrettes, plus 3 "tassels")


! I do not provide wig for this costume !

Full costume



Price with embroideries: from $549 

(depending on the materials used and the amount of free postage)


price with painted designs (not embroidered): $475

(depending on the materials used and the amount of free postage)


think about of the date you ask an order for the realization of the complete costume can take more than eight months because it takes a lot of attention and time, knowing that I study and a life behind it ;)


Think also take your personal action such as: - the turn of the head to the crown - your size - your arm length glove (middle finger up to 10 cm below the top of your shoulder) - to your personal wishes or if you want to color changes or other suggestions that could be possible!

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1. Cera 29/07/2012

I was wondering if you still offer the Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess) full costume?

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